I turn now to the subjects of vaccines, viruses, and health, being that there is so much ballyhoo and garbage regarding these subjects in today’s headlines. Know that you are getting very little truth and a heap of horsepuckey about these subjects, as the “dark controllers” continue to try to enslave the masses through fear and disinformation – foolish as they now look in their efforts.

Zika Virus Truth vs. Lies

And here we see another media-created onslaught of disinformation in the form of the so-called zika virus outbreak in Latin America – simply the latest in a long line of failed attempts to get a good epidemic going on the part of the medical tyranny which continues to try to get its slimy tentacles around the throat of the world. Well, let me tell you, folks that as a seer I see very well here, as you all should, too, that zika will fail just the same way that Ebola, SARS, pig flu, avian flu, and all their other empty threats did. These are all psy-ops (psychological operations) which the “elite” controllers (nothing noble or elite about these base creatures!) push with ever-greater frequency in order to get us to submit to their medical barbarity, i.e. poison vaccines and now the attempt at mandatory vaccination in California, and soon, elsewhere.

Know then, that the best defense against disease, wherever or however it may break out, is a healthy immune system, along with good overall health regimens and diet. Nature’s vaccines are really the only that count at this point, the medical and pharmaceutical industries having now been so discredited as being simply barbaric money-grubbers who are out to sicken and even kill people for profit. This is why I chose the topic of vaccines, viruses, and health in general as this week’s news subject. You really have to be brain-dead or a raging moron not to see the problem-reaction-solution agenda involved here with the zika virus. Bottom line: Nature knows best!

Don’t Buy Media Lies About Vaccines, Viruses, and Health

Turn off TV and other corporate media, including magazines, newspapers, and even certain websites on the Internet, and go within yourself to know the truth of what your body requires for its health and well-being. Vaccines have been proven to be health-compromising at best, and deadly at worst, viruses like the zika virus being simply biological weapons aimed deliberately at humans, in order either to reduce the population, or get us fearful of our health and running to their hospitals and doctor’s offices, desperate for a “cure” – as if they cured anything but their bank accounts!