The whole world could use big lessons in the authentic use of power right now, and the star-planetary alignments prove it. I don’t even need to go into the astrological minutiae of it — you can feel it in your body, mind, and spirit, can’t you? We see it in the religious and political control systems that fall away as we step into our true power en masse; we feel it each day as the higher consciousness energies on our planet ramp up. They are irresistible. In fact, you don’t want to resist them, as this causes stress and fear as the incoming energies clash with your wall of resistance.

Just be still, and breathe into it. All is well. Be in gratitude for all that you are experiencing.

Believe it or not, “the stars” are higher parts of yourself, your awareness. How is this so? Because you can conceive of them, believe in them, and know that they are there. Just like you know you have a brain in your head and a heart in your chest without seeing them. (In fact, you can actually see many of those stars up there, though they are only a fraction of the multitude in the sea of Creation Soup.)

You are what you know, see, and visualize. Visualize the vastness of the Universe and know your place within it. These are the beginning steps to coming into your real power, and ability to wield an authentic use of it. This is something the so-called “illumined ones” deny or are fraudulently ignorant of.

But, this is no time to be set against half the world, or even the 1%-ers. The time of the black-white Hegelian dialectic is over. Stillness, breath control, true seeing, and the belief in a world free of vicious tyrants and those who would steal your power for their own profit…these are all that’s required.

Feel yourself steering the stars, and helping to align them! Now, that is true power — not being able to push a button and rain missiles down on innocent people. Feel your own stars of higher consciousness draw near, bringing their celestial messages to bear on your own dis-ease and a world soul that’s crying out for cosmic absolution. Spread the visions of what you want to be, to see, and what kind of world you want to live in.

“Shine your own light,” as George Kavassilas says. (Remember the movie ET?)

Now, that’s authentic use of power — and something the false power agents can’t take away.