See Beyond the Veil with My Book “We All Go to Heaven”

With its many references to out-of-body and mystical experiences, plus anecdotes about channeling friendly (and not-so-friendly) ETs, telekinesis, bending time and space, and my ESP/psychic/clairvoyant abilities, my new book "We All Go to Heaven" is more than just an autobiography [...]

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Get Your Copy of “We All Go to Heaven” Now!

I, Sonic Nova, a.k.a. Sonia Novick, am extremely proud to announce the release of my new book, "We All Go to Heaven" (When We Stop Creating Our Own Hells), available here through this website. Get your signed copy of my [...]

We All Go to Heaven – To Be Released Soon!

I'm proud to announce to you, my faithful audience, that my new book "We All Go to Heaven" is ready for imminent release. It is an autobiography of me, Sonic Nova, a.k.a. Sonia Novick, as well as "New Age" philosophy. [...]

Hospital and Doctor Care is Killing You, Not Healing You

For those of you who have not found the right alternative cancer cure, and who are still ill-informed, or either in a coma or a cave, hospitals and doctors kill hundreds of thousands of people per year with their misdiagnoses, [...]

Sonic Nova: Affordable Life Coach and Healer

If you're worried, in these chaotic and stressful times, about your health, wellness, and future, Sonic Nova is a life coach, clairvoyant, and medical intuitive who has successfully helped literally thousands to find their way to better health, new relationships, [...]

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Can You Afford Not to Get a Sonic Nova Session Package?

With all of the maladies suffered by the average person - and considering all of those which I, Sonic Nova can successfully rid my clients from - I ask how it is that people feel they can afford not to [...]

Cut the Cords with Past Relationships and Be Free

Cutting cords Cord-cutting of your past relationships is very important, as not doing this will keep you tied to the energy of someone or something in your past that weighs you down and perpetuates negativity in your life. Many people [...]

I Am Your Entity, Spell, and Curse Removal Expert!

Curse, spell, and entity extraction Hello to all my readers out there - old and new! I am Sonic Nova, and among many other things, I am an entity, spell, and curse removal expert. I can quickly and successfully remove [...]

A Sample Channeling From the Avatar Group Consciousness

Hello, and a big "Sonic Novation" to all of you who are tuning into my website, radio show, classes, and channeling workshops! We are still compiling our list of "names in the hat" for the 5-minute free psychic reading, and [...]

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Book a Psychic Healing Session, Sign up for Classes, Become a Member of Sonic Nova dot Net!

Become a Psychic Healer, Member, and Book Your Next Session Are you ready to learn to become a quantum healing master yourself? Want huge savings on multiple psychic sessions? Are you interested in both free and paid memberships - both [...]

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