A Human MRI Scanner at a Fraction of the Cost

How would you be interested in having a human MRI scanner peer into your body and discern what's wrong with you? And, how would you like it if that human MRI only cost you a tiny fraction of what a [...]

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Restore Health with My Alternative Healing Methods

Happy New Year everyone - now's the time to make a new resolution to restore your health with my alternative healing methods that are designed to cure any so-called disease out there (under the conditions I have laid out governing proper client aspect [...]

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Optimize Your Life with Sonic Nova Psychic Healer

I, Sonic Nova psychic healer, am here in service to those who desire clarity on a wide variety of issues, including love and relationship matters, job and career concerns, money and finance, and even making contact with missing, departed or [...]

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Quantum Healing is a Reality Now!

Wow, are the quantum healing energies and Earth changes ramping up fast! It is truly incredible, the speed at which the upshift in consciousness and planetary awareness to embed real, lasting change involving light, love, peace and truth is happening. [...]

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We Are At the Ganesha Portal, and Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse!

This is truly an extraordinary and auspicious time for us on Planet Earth, as we are entering the "Ganesha Portal" and kind of cosmic gateway from Sept. 23-28 - what adepts and ascended masters such as Anna Merkaba, the Arcturians, [...]

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My Energy Healing Sessions Bestow Optimum Health

Ask the many thousands of people whom I have aided with energetic healing sessions - "Can Sonic Nova really cure any disease or ailment?" and they will likely answer, "Yes". It is a fact that millions just like you, dear [...]

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Get a Remote Psychic Healing and Save Big Money!

With me, Sonic Nova, you can have any issue in your life addressed by my psychic healing talent and subsequently healed, including any physical ailment.  Along with all the love and relationship and career and finance readings I do, I [...]

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