If you’re worried, in these chaotic and stressful times, about your health, wellness, and future, Sonic Nova is a life coach, clairvoyant, and medical intuitive who has successfully helped literally thousands to find their way to better health, new relationships, careers, money, and more insight about themselves at the soul level. Her life coaching skills are becoming renowned around the world, and she has helped many find their reason for being, many times over!

Many are finding that the world they thought was solid and defined by certain axioms is now crumbling around them. Not to worry! Seers and healers such as Sonic Nova will read your “life map” and see with crystal vision what it is you need and where to go to fulfill your life goals in a number of areas, including financial and career concerns, relationship issues, and health and wellness. She is also a medium and can actually channel missing or departed loved ones for you!

A Life Coach Who is Proven and Attested To

Check out the many positive testimonials on this site for confirmation of Sonic Nova’s abilities as a psychic healer, remote viewer, and life coach who can literally coach you through any concern you may have about current life concerns, or where your life is headed. Remember that things are often NOT what they appear to be, e.g. a relationship break-up, job loss, or even disease can in many cases be merely signals of change, not a death sentence — that’s all. Sonic Nova stresses this fact in her psychic readings, and that a closed door can often mean several other opened ones.

Let Sonic help you find your way to a better life, and the path you need to take in order to get there. Her affordable psychic readings and life coaching will give you a much clearer picture of your future at the soul level! How much is self-knowledge worth to you? How about an alternative cancer cure? Finding that special soul mate or love match? As a life coach and psychic healer with mad skills as a medical intuitive – you can’t find a better answer to your health, relationship, career and money issues than Sonic Nova!