signs of a demon possessed person demand a negative entity extraction.The devil and his cohorts work in very subtle and sometimes overtly aggressive ways. Satan, Lucifer, and their coterie of fallen ones sneak into our space and compromise our well-being in a myriad of ways. So, how can you tell if you are suffering from demonic possession, spirit infestation, or entity “stalking”? There are ways that you can tell, but for those who are reaching out to an expert to handle it, I, Sonic Nova, will share some of the key signs of a demon possessed person and how to remedy it in this installment of Sonic Nova, Spirit Extraction and Entity Removal Expert.

Also called a spiritual parasite removal or negative entity removal, I can rather quickly identify and remove negative energy from your body and being using my innate skills and long history of clearing negative energy from people, pets, houses, homes, or other abodes.

I can also show you the signs of negative energy in homes and other non-human areas, but in this article I want to focus primarily on the signs of a demon possessed person, the symptoms of possession, and how getting rid of negative energy will improve your overall enjoyment of life.

So, how do you know if you’re possessed by demons? what happens when you’re possessed? The information below should give you a good idea:

5 Signs of a Demon Possessed Person

  1. A radical personality change. This is one of the biggest signs of a demonically possessed individual. Yes, a person can have somewhat abrupt personality changes, for instance in children or teenagers, and not have it be a sign of demon possession. There are subtle and not-so-subtle hints, though, that it’s more than just a “phase” or teenage angst. Accompanying the radical personality change, in most cases of demonic possession, are things like speaking in tongues, cursing, and having knowledge about someone or something that the individual would not normally be aware of.
  2. An unusual amount of mishaps or misfortune. One of the sure signs that you or someone you love has become a victim of spirit possession is an inordinate amount of mishaps and unfortunate situations occurring to them. Yes, we can all experience streaks of bad luck, and yes – a series of misfortunes can be caused by someone else in your life, like a new lover or friend. So, the control factor here is if you haven’t made any new acquaintances, or altered your routine in any way, and there is a strange feeling something is off, or wrong generally – along with series of misfortunes that’s persistent, then you likely have a dark entity attachment of some kind.
  3. You or the person being possessed are convinced of a possession. Remember the movie The Exorcist? Who can forget it? You may recall that the deciding factor for Father Karras helping Chris McNeil and her daughter was Chris’ intense conviction and belief that Regan, her daughter, was a demon-possessed person. He was reluctant, and on the verge of leaving the priesthood himself, but Chris McNeil was so utterly convinced by the prima facie evidence at hand that Father Karras was as compelled by her to help rid her daughter of “the devil himself” as the devil later was compelled by Karras and Father Merrin to leave Regan’s poor body.
  4. Demonstrations of extraordinary strength. This means the person has strength far beyond what they could have naturally. “It’s one thing for an Arnold Schwarzenegger in his heyday to bench-press 300 pounds,” one Father Grob said in the interview speaking of a documented demon possession case, “it’s quite another for a 70-year old woman of slight build to throw five or six grown men around like ragdolls.”
  5. An aversion to sacred things. This aversion can be to sacred objects (e.g. crucifixes and holy water), sacred prayers (e.g. Our Father or shamanic healing mantras), or holy names (e.g. titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary or other deities which a negative entity would find objectionable), but it can also be the strong words and persuasion of a good-hearted, good-souled person upon them.

There can, of course, be many more symptoms of possession besides these, such as: they can’t control themselves, speaking in a completely different voice, showing new abilities, having supernatural knowledge, and newly suicidal tendencies.

Blue Letter Bible has this to say on the subject of identifying the signs of a demon possessed person:

“The New Testament tells us some of the signs of demon possession: The demons are able to speak through their victims, they can demonstrate new abilities, show different personalities, and exhibit suicidal tendencies. The main thing to understand is that demon-possessed people are controlled by this demonic presence. Though the symptoms may look like mere psychological dysfunction, in actuality, the problem is demon-possession.”

symptoms of possession by demonic entities may call for a spirit extraction.

Spirit Attachment and Negative Entity Removal

As a shaman and shamanic healer, I have a lifetime of experience helping people with negative entity attachment symptoms, psychic healing, and general spirit removal. I can quickly read your biophotonic “map” either remotely or in person (I do most entity clearings remotely – with a great amount of success), and even quickly identify what type of spiritual entity has latched on to you, and even why, in many cases.

In my experience, removing entity attachments doesn’t take too long. At least, not nearly as long as some of the documented exorcism cases took. The case of the 14-year old boy which The Exorcist novel and film were based on took about 4 or 5 months. The average negative entity extraction for me takes around 1-2 days. That’s not flying in the face of those in the church who normally claim the territory of spirit extraction, it’s just a plain factual statement on my abilities.

One point of discernment that should be discussed these days is the difference between the mentally ill and those exhibiting signs of a demon possessed person. The differences here should be plain to see. For instance, a mentally ill person generally won’t be talking in a completely different voice, or in different languages, or have the appearance that they have been taken over by demonic spirits or spirit, body and mind.

Get a Negative Entity Removal Consultation

So, how can you tell if you are suffering from demonic possession, spirit infestation, and are in need of a negative entity removal? I, Sonic Nova, will identify the symptoms of possession or tell-tale signs of a demon possessed person (you or a loved one) and show you how to remedy it with a consultation and, if needed, a negative spirit removal process that I am confident you will find to your liking!