How to Schedule An Appointment

Please review the following steps prior to scheduling an appointment and completing your purchase.

Step 1

All appointments must be prepaid in advance. This is to ensure customers with paid time on their account have first choice of appointment time. Most of the time appointments can be done immediately the same day or the next. ~ALL APPOINTMENTS ARE AT PACIFIC STANDARD TIME~

Hours of availability are Monday – Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST).

Step 2

Purchase minutes

You are already saving money as a scheduled appointment cost less per minute. Get even bigger savings with a purchase of 60 minutes or more also look into our hourly packages from 10 hours to 140 hours where you will save even more. (10 minute minimum for scheduling purposes) Psychic, Channeling, ESP and Mediumship mentoring programs, are also available by the hour as well and are invoiced separately through our office. See rates below.

• 10 Min for $25
• 15 Min for $35
• 30 Min for $65
• 60 Min for $125
• 60 Min. Psychic, Channeling, ESP & Mediumship Mentoring program $155
• 10 and 20 hour Package Special pricing for bulk packages – giving clients a 30% discount off our regular rates when purchasing bulk time packages
• 40, 80 and 120 hour Package Special pricing for bulk packages – giving clients a 40% discount off our regular rates when purchasing bulk time packages

Carry Over Minutes

If you purchase from 15 to 60 minutes and up and you do not use them all in one reading, any unused minutes carry over for your use with any future appointments. Once the call has completed you will be sent an e-mail invoice showing how many minutes were used in your reading and what is remaining in your account. Please keep in mind that you are entitled to use these remaining minutes whenever you wish, subject to scheduling availability. Minutes may be used in increments of no less than 10 minute minimum at a time or as much as you wish. Psychic, Channeling, ESP & Mediumship mentoring programs must be scheduled by the hour.

Minutes purchased that are less than 10 minutes must all be used at the time of appointment and do not carry over.

“Blocks of Time” must be used within 12 months of purchase and expire for non-use after 12 months.

Select the type of reading you desire then select your desired minutes pay for your scheduled appointment and your all set:

• CLICK on the correct time zone for your location,
• CLICK on the Select Button,
• This will take you to the next window where you can select the type of reading or service or discount package you wish, as well as the time you require for your reading/session,
• CLICK on the selected session Green Button now you will be transported to the calendar page to pick your appointment date once you pick your date,
• You will be transported to the time slots available for the service you picked once you have completed this,
• This it will take you to the next window to enter your name, email and phone you want to use for the apt,
• You will need to include a phone number where you can be reached at your appointment time,
•Click on the Green “Book now” Button this it will take you to the next window to make your payment in order to book your apt,
• Please choose PayPal, then click on the “Confirm Booking” Button it will take you to the PayPal portal where you can pay directly with your credit card or debit card without creating a PayPal account in order to complete your purchase and get your reading.

Phone or Skype Sessions on Symply Book me

In order to book your appointment click here on link:

click image to get started

Schedule an Appointment Portal

Step 3

Once your purchase is complete you will receive a confirmation of payment form PayPal and an appointment confirmation for your records… You will need to include a phone number where you can be reached at your appointment time (except for International callers will have to do your session on Skype by emailing your Skype ID to Sonia aka Sonic at in order for Sonia to add you to her Skype client base, so you can have your reading-session at agreed upon appointment time.) *** Please remember that appointments can be done the same day or the next usually (based on availability).

NOTE: In rare cases, Sonia aka Sonic, at her sole discretion may extend credit to clients on an individual basis who have established a trusted long term client relationship: however, when invoice is sent, it is considered immediately due and payable and if payment is not made same day, a $25/ day late fee will be added to any unpaid invoice, per day until paid in full and if the invoice should go beyond 30 days, an additional 18% APR interest will be added to that total invoice until paid in full. Sonia reserves the right to grant or refuse credit to clients on an individual basis.
1. For clients whom abuse these credit privileges while remedying the payment in full of your account in the rears,
2. If you find yourself desperate or an emergency situation comes up and you require additional coaching, advise or medical intuitive support with Sonia aka Sonic,
3. You will be required to place your coaching session through our “Click4Advisor” 3rd party prepaid call vendor portal.

Quantcast4. Once your payments in the rears are paid in full
5. Hence forward your credit account will be placed on probation possibly indefinitely on website
6. Your only way to set up coaching appointments from here on forward will be through our 3rd party vendor “Click4Advisor” portal available on every page!

Step 4

Once payment has been received and an appointment confirmed, you will be called at the number YOU provided via e-mail for your appointment, unless you are an International caller, then the session will be done on Skype once you been added to contact list on Skype then you have the ability to call in on Skype at your set and agreed on appointment time.

• Please remember that someone else is scheduled behind you. When your time slot is up, your call must be ended, unless there is an opening in the schedule and you have paid for the additional time you require.
• Any such abuse of time will NOT be tolerated. Such abuse includes, but is not limited too, continuing to ask questions after your time has expired.
• It’s likely that your reading will run over in time, as it is, due too a thought being finished or due too our introductions.
• If you wish to purchase more time, you can let Sonia aka Sonic know and arrangements can be made during your reading-session call.
• If you have concerns or questions as to why such rules are in place, contact Sonia aka Sonic.


Minutes are non-refundable: Due to the nature of the service being offered (phone or Skype readings), a non-tangible products, and purchases are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-interchangeable. Blocks of time expire after 12 months from original date of purchase if not used.

Excellence in all services and products are always offered. If for any reason you are extremely displeased with your recent reading-session please contact Sonia aka Sonic. Sonia definitely wants to hear about your unhappiness with a session and wants to remedy you’re dissatisfaction ASAP!


Weekly Appointments: Taken from 10 am-5 pm Pacific Time Monday-Friday

Due to Sonia’s appointment calendar being booked in advance, she keeps an appointment waiting list and asks for the courtesy of any appointment cancellations being done with at least 48 hours advance notice to avoid a $50 service charge for week day appointments.

Weekend Appointments: Emergency appointments can be made on Saturday or Sunday; hours are also 10 am-5 pm Pacific. However, availability may vary given Sonia’s private schedule.

For any scheduled “weekend appointment” you miss, your account will be charged a cancellation fee. This charge is equal to the amount of time originally scheduled. This is because Sonia’s weekend appointments are highly valued time slots for clients and special set appointment times, outside normal business hours.