I, Sonic Nova, offer you relationship counseling that goes deep to the heart of your particular issues, and which will give you far more insight and dimension regarding your current relationship issues than the average psychologist or marriage counselor can deliver! Your typical relationship counselor will spend more time justifying his or her academic qualifications and lording over you and your partner’s problems than seeing into your quantum fields, reading your “life map” and being able to offer you direct, clairvoyant and psychic help and answers for your relationship issues.

Many Have Benefited From My Effective Relationship Counseling

Ask one of the many clients I have assisted in getting a much broader vision of their life map, relationship crisis, and destiny in general, and they will tell you that “Sonic Nova sees more than anyone I know, and can even see new potential soul mates and intimate partners in my future.” And, the best part is how much you will save when choosing me as your relationship counseling expert over a high-priced psychologist who will spend more time looking at his watch than seeing into your present and future regarding relationships and being able to render effective insight.

I am not some gypsy palm reader or card reader – with me, Sonic Nova, you receive a full “life map” reading where I can see what you cannot, and thereby deliver to you a useful relationship counseling assessment of your intimate partner situation!

Alternative Relationship Counselor

I am your quantum relationship counselor, and I am ready to give you a reading on where you are at and want to be, in terms of intimate relationships. I can help you seek and find a new soul mate, twin flame, twin soul, or partner on any level you so desire! Give me your parameters, and I will assimilate your info and give you the biofeedback you require in order to determine your best relationship path. Most of my clients are not return clients, because I succeeded in finding them the right partner, and frankly, this is my aim. I won’t waste your time or money as your trusted relationship counseling expert, as many sub-par readers or counselors will do.

Remember, though, that I cannot wave a magic wand and turn your life into a fairy tale – once I find you your new life mate, you have to do the footwork and take the responsibility to make that relationship work. I am merely the relationship counseling expert – you have to walk through the door and make it work with that new person.