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Do you want to achieve maximum success and excellent results with our expert Quantum Intuitive Certified Life Coach Sonic Nova?

Let Sonic take you on a journey to achieving your success in whatever area you feel you need to work on in your life.

Transform your habitual negative personality traits that have been the cause of your disease, current life conditions/circumstances in your present environment.


  • Don’t delay book your ” Energy Field Meditation Induction – Distorted Energy Clearing Session Today!

  • Here are some tools that Sonic uses in her Quantum Energy Field Meditation Induction Coaching Session in Clearing Distorted Energy Patterns within you.

  • After your session, she will email you a personalized Quantum Energy Field Meditation Induction – Distorted Energy Clearing Sessions audio and a 4-minute video recording with your 90-minute session for you to re-program yourself back into health, wealth, a joy to be alive and get you on the right track to your success! If you’re looking to get on the bullet train to dissolving your negative habitual patterns that are blocking your success in all areas of your life!

Want more tools to reprogram your mind and your life check out this awesome MINDZOOM programming technology for your success:

Better than hypnosis