Wow, are the quantum healing energies and Earth changes ramping up fast! It is truly incredible, the speed at which the upshift in consciousness and planetary awareness to embed real, lasting change involving light, love, peace and truth is happening. Literally, you can now manifest your perfect life and reality in this time frame, including optimum health, ideal job or career, and that soul mate or life partner you’ve always dreamed of, but who has been elusive. All you need is a little meditative or prayerful practice, and a calm, still place in which to go within, and a bit of intentional fortitude in order to make your best life a reality!

A New Age of Quantum Healing and Quantum Living

I, Sonic Nova, am a firm believer that we are what we think, and what we think we are. I work as a psychic healing and quantum healing practitioner. I am also a clairvoyant and intuitive who can share with you that this time frame now bodes nothing but amazing, fantastic things for humanity and the planet! Although we have had more than our share of bumps and ruffles along the way (both as a species and as individuals), the way has now been cleared, the fields made fertile for the planting of new seeds of light, love, peace and truth! Try saying, as a meditation or mantra, “Now is the Age of Light, Love, Peace, and Truth – may these prevail always and rule”. Feel the old energies of hate, division, greed, war, and the divide and conquer mentality float away like so much detritus and useless waste that they were. Feel the vibrations of the plant, animal, fairy, deva, and elemental kingdoms light you and lift you into the new vibration! This is truly the beginning of a new age of light, love, peace, truth, and harmonic unity amongst ALL beings!

Join hands with family, friends, neighbors, loved ones, and even find yourself smiling at strangers…for this is a time of true quantum healing when the all that is at last gels into harmonic, cosmic vibration of light and love, and where that which is of low vibration, or what I call distorted or imbalanced energy is cast off our new Earth, or Terra. These extraordinary Earth changes mean no more of exploitative, hierarchical systems that create endless, useless wars; and no more, as well, of that which blocks us from clear communication and our highest selves and highest possible good for ourselves and the entire planet! If you want to heal and be in the light and true immortality and enlightenment, then so be it – may you experience quantum healing and true healing and be at one and peace with the All that Is!