I, Sonic Nova psychic healer, am here in service to those who desire clarity on a wide variety of issues, including love and relationship matters, job and career concerns, money and finance, and even making contact with missing, departed or dead loved ones. I am a certified remote viewer, clairvoyant, life coach, intuitive and energetic healer, medical intuitive, and channeler and medium. I can also act as your “ascension coach,” helping you transition up into the new vibration of light and frequency of cosmic change, by entraining your body, via your DNA, to rejecting the old paradigm concepts, feelings, and detritus, and adopting the concepts, feelings, and habits, say, of the new paradigm, 5D, ascended Earth and human body.

Why Sonic Nova Psychic Healer?

Because, you see, the body (heart, mind, spirit, and soul) is analogous to the Earth, i.e., as she changes, we change. And conversely, as we collectively think or act, she will respond in kind. As “Sonic Nova psychic healer,” I act in a myriad of capacities aimed at bringing individuals greater clarity and health – whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. My expertise runs the gamut of these aspects of the human make-up, and I am proud of the many thousands of satisfied clients I can claim – some as close friends now!

Whatever your concerns, in whatever area of life – I, Sonic Nova psychic healer, will bring you clarity, insight, and a healing catharsis which will give you more than a “leg up” in your life in this time frame of great and rewarding challenges. So, now, as we head into another winter season, and another time period of internal contemplation and the general feeling of life waning and giving way in greater part to darkness (for those of us in the northern hemisphere, to wit), this calls us to become aware of the light we ourselves shine forth into the world. It is as if the sun withdraws from the stage to a degree, saying, “Okay, I have been at my zenith…now it is time for you, my beneficiaries, to reflect the lesson of my indefatigable light and fire.”

Well, all poetics aside, I, Sonic Nova psychic healer, am happy to be here for you in service, bringing you information, clarity, better health, awareness, and closure on issues of great consequence to your bearing in life, so that you may be better able to rise like the sun in your own sky to the occasion of your destiny…NOW!