What You Need to Know to Have a Successful Negative Entity Removal

Whenever I take on a new case of demonic possession, poltergeist infestation, or entity clearing, I always set out to make clear at the outset that your participation in your own “clearing” is a must. This is really non-negotiable. Even if you are somehow incapacitated, crippled, or otherwise unable to give much more than thought to your negative entity removal, then let it be just that — your focused attention on and visualization of yourself entity-free and untroubled any further by ghosts, specters, phantasms, poltergeists, etc. Why do I require this of you? Call it “phase conjugate” physics, in principle. Two sentient beings focused on a certain outcome are FAR MORE powerful than one person. In short, don’t expect to just “throw money at the problem of how to get rid of spirit possession,” expect me to wave a magic wand, and have the problem vanish.

Remember the movie Poltergeist? You may recall that there was no real headway made against the Behemoth spook that had infested the family home until the mother and father participated in getting their home clear of phantom specters. Just the same, when you hire me to clear negative entities from your place and person or perform a spell and curse removal, you can’t expect only to sit back and expect my remote-influencing efforts to do all the work (yes, they do carry a certain power, but still). A negative entity removal really does require your at least being mindful and present, and “phase-locked” with me as I effort to remove negative spirits from your house or perform an exorcism of demonic entities.

Demonic entities have been around since time immemorial.

Demonic entities have been around since time immemorial.

How to Get Rid of Spirit Possession

So, what does this mean? It means that as I talk with you over the phone or Skype your attention must also be focused on me, what I am saying, and, always, the focused visualization of negative spirits running from your house. I will also most likely have you do some proclamations or mantras, such as “All those of malevolent intent or ill-will are banished from my place and person forever,” or “I summon all the white-light, benevolent deities and protector spirits available to guard my sacred temple from evil or negative spiritual intent”.

I know what you’re thinking — “Wow, with these mantras, I can just use these and cut out the middle man.” Well, conceivably, you could try that. But, most people who reach the point of calling me have already tried everything, including saying prayers and/or repeating cleansing or clearing mantras. They are usually completely fed up and desperate, and realize they need to call on someone with my experience at clearing negative spirits from homes, domains, and bodies. The ones who are most successful are indeed the ones who don’t let their exasperation, exhaustion, and desperation get the better of them. They listen to me when I say, “You must participate in your own negative entity removal. You must listen to me and do what I say.”

Then, success will be far likelier.

“So, what do I need you for, if I have to put so much effort into my own negative entity clearing?” you may ask?

Well, perhaps I need to go further into the concept of a phase conjugate fractal field. And, for any of you who are new to these concepts in biophysics and electro-magnetivity, you should also be familiarizing yourselves with Naseem Haramein and Dan Winter. Dan in particular is really moving light years ahead of everyone else in the field of electrical engineering and biophysics (though it’s not a horse race). If you can grok what he’s saying and really understand its import, you’ll go a lot further with things like thought-form intention to clear negative energy from your body and sacred space.

However, many of you will still need a guide, a sherpa to help get you to the top of your holy mountain. I have facilitated many negative entity clearings and will most likely perform many more. Again, co-participation is key. It’s like your health. The health practitioner can’t wave a magic wand or stethoscope and “make you better”. Some part of you is participating in your wellness. In fact, millions of you are almost solely taking responsibility for your own health and well-being, as it should be. “Physician, heal thyself.” And, with a little help from your friend Mother Nature, you can find the natural dietary supplements and devices you’ll need to live a long, happy, prosperous life.

How to Have a Successful Negative Entity Removal

  1. A positive outlook always helps — this is part of the visualization.
  2. Focus on terms like “spiritual alchemy” and the states of being that result therefrom.
  3. Get ultimately self-empowered. Really get into the cockpit seat of what it means to be in a state of total “self-governance“.
  4. Relax, and let your spirit extraction expert guide you.

These are four main points that comprise a basic guide to how to get rid of spirit possession and have a successful negative entity removal. There are probably some other tips and pointers I will provide as we go along, but for now you can use these four points to “prime the pump” and get you ready for a co-participatory extraction of evil spirits.

Also, remember that most entities (likely around 99%) are completely in the abstract or astral realm, and cannot harm you. For those of you dealing with poltergeists, or truly malevolent spirits out to do harm to the occupants of what it sees as its domain — it’s a different animal. These cases are exceedingly rare, although they do exist. Some of the most popular or well-known poltergeist or psychic attack cases include the one that inspired the film The Entity, starring Barbara Hershey.

Questions you can ask yourself to determine signs your home is haunted, or how to know what level of demonic possession you have:

  • Do you yourself harbor any conscious or subconscious energy or intent to do harm, which is being reflected or refracted in these disturbances?

I am a curandera who will show you know how to get rid of spirit possession!

Clear Negative Entities Now

You will want to do your research on how to get rid of demonic spirits, adopt techniques for self-empowerment, and stand your ground against demonic incursion. And, if that doesn’t do it, give me a call or easily book a session with me online (look for the purple tab on the side of the screen). I, Sonic Nova, am well-versed in how to deal with unwanted attention from malevolent spirits. I can and will guide you to success in negative entity removal as part of my shamanic healing services. We will join forces and you will know how to get rid of spirit possession once and for all!