Ask the many thousands of people whom I have aided with energetic healing sessions – “Can Sonic Nova really cure any disease or ailment?” and they will likely answer, “Yes”. It is a fact that millions just like you, dear reader, are suffering countless, numerous ailments, maladies, disorders, syndromes, etc., who do not, in fact, need to suffer them at all! Once you understand that all disease stems from a primary toxicity of the body called toxemia, and also nutritional deficiency, you can correct most ailments. But, most of you need faster results than a complete lifestyle change and dietary paradigm shift can provide, so you should absolutely buy yourself an energetic healing session from Sonic Nova!

The Question is, Why NOT Get a Sonic Nova Energy Healing?

Because you see, it’s not only toxemia and nutritional deficiency in the physical body that you need to address when seeking optimum health – there is the emotional body, spiritual body, etheric body (or aura), mental body, or mental health, when considering whether or not to get an energetic healing. The answer is – even if you have a raw diet protocol, get plenty of exercise, sunshine, and sleep – you still have those other aspects of your being to which I just referred that must be addressed, and which my remote healing, or energy healing sessions do successfully address.

So basically, all people can benefit from one of my remote healing or energetic healing sessions – especially in our toxic culture of poor diet and lifestyle. I can look into and diagnose what ails you on every level, and in every body that makes up your being, and consequently give you a much more holistic treatment or protocol for optimum health and longevity. My energy healing approach also addresses such issues as past life karma issues, implants and entities, relationships, career and finances, addictions, and other full-spectrum criteria for optimal healing efficacy.

Your Life, Being, and Wellness are Worth Effective Energetic Healing

And you are worth an energetic healing program that’s holistic, and which truly works. I, Sonic Nova, in fact provide this for every one of my thousands of well-served clients, who walk away satisfied, healed, happy, referring their friends and family to me to have done to them what they experienced! Are you ready to put arthritis, edema, gout, migraine headaches, gastrointestinal disease, IBS, kidney disease, diabetes, and even cancer behind you? Sign up today for one of my remote healing/energy healing sessions and prepare to be able to breathe deep again, and be in the bliss of true and lasting healthfulness!