Sonic Nova is a clairvoyant and mediumship and channeling expert with the skills to connect you to your destiny and “life map”. Her skills as a medium are well-documented, and have been proven to connect her clients with loved ones – both living and in the great beyond. She has also channeled many ascended masters and other spirit guides, which has provided comfort and cosmic insight to many she has read for. Sonic is an intuitive healer, highly-rated psychic reader, remote viewer, relationship and life coach, and much more!

Check out Sonic Nova’s mediumship and channeling classes, and get yourself signed-up for life-changing cosmic insights! Why put off your spiritual advancement – and at a time when it is such a necessity?

A Mediumship and Channeling Expert with More

With a long list of satisfied clients, and the accolades and accreditation to match, Sonic Nova is truly a world phenomenon and a healing gift to humanity. Along with all the aforementioned skills, Sonic Nova also performs:

  • 12-Strand DNA Activations
  • Starseed Readings
  • Career and Financial Advice
  • Spell or Curse Removal
  • Cord cutting (severing of energetic ties between individuals or entities)
  • Medical Intuitive Readings
  • Past Life Readings
  • Entity/Poltergeist Removal
  • Online Psychic Chat Readings
  • Soul Mate and Twin Flame Readings
  • Ascension Advisor

And not only is she fast, talented, and precise, Sonic is also highly affordable will also save you money, being that she is extremely low-priced to begin with, and gets the job done fast! Not just another “card flipper” or “tell you what you want to hear” psychic reader, Sonic Nova has become a world-renowned psychic and mediumship and channeling expert who can almost effortlessly do channelings and medium sessions for you, granted you access to ascended masters and departed loved ones by proxy, which will give you a metaphysical level of insight designed to grant you an unusual level of clarity, closure and meaning.

Sonic Nova is a Life Coach Extraordinaire

Mediumship and channeling expert, medical intuitive, life coach, remote viewer, and all around seer Sonic Nova is a multidimensional psychic healer who can read your life map and connect you with your destiny, who you truly are, and help you declare your highest, healthiest self. Discover today what a proper mediumship and channeling reading can do to help you get to the root of who and what you are, and get on the road of achieving your highest goals and dreams!