So, we have finally made it through the Leo the Lion’s Gate 8/8 energy portal — in a year chock-full of surprise twists and turns which have been both terrifying and growth-inducing. All the pain of all that change has, at last, been worth it, as humanity as a whole is truly stepping up to the cosmic plate and taking self-responsibility and wise use of power seriously. This is where we get to tame the wild beast inside that’s indolent and irresolute and make a fine, wise lion out of him or her. We get the added strength of Saturn in Sagittarius, helping us stay centered and self-disciplined, and Mars returning to Sagittarius as well, fuelling the fires of our personal ambitions and giving us extra endurance and vitality as we surge forth into our new powers this August 2016 heralding great changes.

It is now time for us all to stand in the light of our truths; to let our voices sing high above the buzzing din of chaos and clamor of those misusing power. It really is about discovering the true powers we have inside and letting them expand into the space which the new 7th dimensional energies are holding for us. You may find yourself confused, angry, depressed, or feeling out of sorts one minute, then exhilarated and blissful the next. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and events that have knocked us about all right, but Leo the Lion standing at his gate shows us how to be prideful and powerful in the most positive way.

Take the opportunity to seize upon these new leonine energies of wise power and apply them to your life. Every one of us can use a lesson in wise use of power where concerns our personal and professional lives, and health and well-being. We need to also re-examine our relationship to the outer world around us in this time as duality games of power for profit play themselves out — to the end. Their end. We will continue traversing the Lion’s Gate 8/8 stargate of galactic energies through August 13th.