Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Twin Rays and Twin Souls

There are many aspects we may embody in our personal, intimate relationships. These take the form of what are known in esoteric circles, for example, as soul mates, twin flames, twin rays, and twin souls, to name the most prominent of them that I know of. Now, what exactly is a soul mate scenario, as opposed, or differentiated from the others, you may ask? Well, soul mates are those alike in spiritual pedigree, you may say, who come together as each one’s “other half”. This scenario feels like a solid partnership, with many shared interests, but ultimately, may wear itself out because of that fact. Many are able to weather life up until their dying day with the soul mate they met in high school or college. Some soul mates last perhaps several years before they agree to part ways. Others may be soul mates in a more Platonic sense – as, say, work colleagues or partners, or within some other endeavor. Animals and humans very often can be soul mates. You can have many soul mates during a lifetime. There is no “one soul mate,” as is widely believed. They’re usually effortless to be with. Most soul mates have their origins in a soul group prior to incarnating, and continue that familiarity in a soul family connection in the flesh. You know and feel a certain deep connection and belonging with certain people over others, due to this maxim. You share similar tastes, expressions, feelings, emotions, and synchronicity, causing you to feel such a quick, eminent sense of connectivity to such individuals. You have likely been connected to them in previous lives, as well.

Twin Flames

Now let’s talk about twin flames for a minute. This is a very intense relationship that’s highly passionate, usually creative in some way, but almost always burns itself out in the space of a few to several years, and many times less. A twin flame may say to themselves, “Boy, I’ve really met my match,” which is an apt description for the subsequent burnout that occurs. Many creative partnerships that last less than say a decade, like the Beatles, or celebrity couple that stays together just a few years, then parts ways are likely twin flame scenarios. Did you have an early love that was passionate, but ultimately you could not stay with that person because of the intensity level? That was likely a twin flame aspect you experienced. Twin flames come for the benefit of one another only. Did you see the movie Like Water For Chocolate? The level of intensity and recognition between Pedro and Tita is so very strong, that it is unavoidable. Romeo and Juliet are also twin flames. There is a sense of the tragic in this relationship aspect, due to it being too intense to last.

Twin Rays

And now to twin rays. Twin rays are not here in service to themselves, but instead to the others, or the world. In recent history there have been quite a few examples of these “twin rays” – working in concert to free mankind from the shackles of tyranny, war, poverty, and other evils. These include Nelson and Winnie Mandela; Mahatma Ghandi and his wife; John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy; and Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King. These individuals were not together for their own benefit, but rather for the benefit of the world. This is why they were either killed or imprisoned. Many have been incarnated in the last century or so, as the darkness upon this planet has increased greatly in that time, and has needed these “fourth level initiates,” as Yeshua was, to balance out the dark with more light. Not all twin rays are famous, either. I believe my partner and I to be in this twin ray aspect, though we have a very satisfying romantic coupling as well. This has been, to us, ideal, as we have both had a rather traumatic history with relationships, and for each of us we are a kind of heavenly redemption.

Twin Souls

These ones stand in direct opposition to one another. They are polar opposites. “I say black and you say white,” would be the motto for this one. There is an initial strong attraction, but as time progresses, you’ll find them opposing you at every turn, which leads, naturally, to general indifference, resentment, hate, separation, and loss of the relationship. The purpose of twin souls encountering each other is to reveal what opposing energies within us that partner is reflecting to us. This type of relationship may then end up being very important to our personal growth – as they all are.

What type of relationship are you in, or have you experienced? If you have questions about relationships and how you can live a more fulfilled existence with your partner, please contact Sonic Nova by leaving a comment in the form below.