Hello – I am Sonic Nova Psychic, healer of all disease, and indeed all that ails mankind. As a psychic healer, remote viewer, medical intuitive and life coach my purview or reach encompasses a wide range of what remedies the human condition. It also now includes the realm of nutrition, herbal supplements, and long-life medical devices. I can truly advise you on every single aspect of human health, at every level of our being. I can even regress you back to past lives and help you retrieve information from those past lives that will help heal you emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.  We even have a causal body – a.k.a. the soul – which I will help you access and integrate into those other bodies, as well as help you bring them all together into a cohesive, coherent whole, which is a rarity for most on this planet at this time.

Sonic Nova Psychic, Seer, Healer, Life Coach, Mentor

You know me as Sonic Nova psychic healer and life coach, but I am so much more than that – just as you are! My specialty is aiding you in accessing those higher aspects of you, and getting them activated, so that you too can do what I do (if you are one so inclined) – for yourself and others.  For those not so inclined to get that “activated,” I act as a spiritual and emotional catalyst for change within your troubled selves. Think of me as a mentor – someone you can call upon, confide in, confess your deepest, most troubling or flummoxing aspects of yourself with an eye towards total transmutation into that which serves you instead of diseases you.

I will remind you that fear of change is simply the fear of your own power. Because, with great change comes great power – and vice versa. Can you face the immensity of your own power? And, your power to change the planet and the paradigm into one that vibrates to frequencies of love, light, peace, and truth? Or, do you prefer the darkness, like a reclusive or nocturnal animal that would rather not show itself to the light, or absorb light frequencies, so it cannot be seen? I say, let yourself be seen! Let your light shine forth – for the world needs it. You need it! Stop inhibiting your light-power now, and whether you come to me, Sonic Nova psychic healer or not – claim your power in this new paradigm of light and let your true, higher self unfold!