Opting Out of Vaccinations – How to opt out of vaccinations for you and your children, legally.


Jul 28 2015

vaccine-opt-out Courtesy of Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer, BodyMindSoulSpirit.com
The truth about vaccines has become so available that it is hard to imagine how people could not see that vaccines are causing autism in children. In recent videos, Dr. Simon Atkins and Dr. Leonard Horowitz suggest that the best thing to do is NOT to vaccinate. In this article, Dr. Atkins provides a non consent form and medical waiver vaccination exemption form for your use in fighting for your rights to be able to choose what you put into your body, as well as your child’s body.
Why did California just suddenly put into effect a mandatory vaccination schedule for all children? The answer, according to Dr. Simon Atkins, is that they (the government) are controlling the consciousness frequency because the vaccines do not allow frequency to rise. They want people controlled. They are doing this at the child level, because that’s the future generation”.
In my observation, there seem to be three main states dealing with forced mandatory laws being enacted, as well as difficult conditions being imposed on us including weather geoengineering that has brought great drought and massive flooding. These states are California, Texas, and Florida. Isn’t it interesting that these states are currently Jade Helm states? Jade Helm is a “military drill for unconventional warfare”. I would class vaccinations in with unconventional warfare.

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Medical Exemption Letter and Notice of Non-Consent
Physicians Permanent Medical Exemption Based On Contraindications To Vaccinations

Know your rights on how to opt out of vaccinations, and keep dirty, deadly vaccines out of your body – and your child’s!