For those of you who have not found the right alternative cancer cure, and who are still ill-informed, or either in a coma or a cave, hospitals and doctors kill hundreds of thousands of people per year with their misdiagnoses, deadly drugs, and general ignorance regarding health and the body. More pointedly, they understand negligibly little about how the body, mind, and spirit interact, and about as much regarding nutrition and what our bodies require for optimum health. Going to an allopathic (AMA, academically-certified) physician, or to a hospital for the “treatment” of a disease is akin to going to a Mexican cab driver for an abortion. Or, to a serial killer for advice on how to live. Other than knitting up a broken bone, the death-dispensing idiots who arrogantly look down their noses and white coats at you while they make you wait hours for their bumbling mistreatment seem to take a dissociated glee in this modern genocide they are lording over.

The alternative cure for cancer is here.

So, to cut right to it – forget hospitals and doctors and their multibillion dollar industry of death and malpractice, and find an authentic medical intuitive such as Sonic Nova, who can – unlike the idiots in white – actually cure cancer, along with most all other maladies. She has been proven to do this, as evidenced in her testimonials which attest to this FACT. How much is your health worth to you? $50,000, the average cost of cancer treatment these days? How about $120 per hour ($2.00/minute), with, on average, only a handful of one-hour sessions needed to remove both the structural tumors, neoplastic growths, etc., and also remove the endemic, root CAUSES for the cancer? Sonic Nova will entrain your body to not only reject the cancerous growths, but to also purge the fundamental root causes for why your body is manifesting the cancer in the first place.

Sonic Nova has healed many dozens of cancer – permanently – amongst her thousands of other success stories, and her alternative cancer cure protocol combines highly-potent brown seaweed extract supplements with her own highly-potent  protocol of medical intuitive quantum healing. Her lightning-quick psychic insights and “human MRI” abilities make quick work of the worst diseases, consigning them to being just a sad memory in your life, allowing you a fresh start and a new chapter in your life!

To pass up a world-renowned seer, clairvoyant and medical intuitive in favor of oncological, hospital, clinical care is tantamount to suicide, truly. Aren’t you, your health, and your future worth better? Aren’t they worth Sonic Nova’s alternative cancer cure that will allow you to say goodbye to cost-prohibitive hospital and doctor “treatment”?