This is Sonic Nova wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year! I sincerely hope you all are experiencing the blessings of this time of reflection, gratitude, and spirit of unity as we continue to move together in the Ascension process!

This time of the year can be a challenge for many, as we come to terms with past connections, or energies which may no longer work for our higher good. It is a good time for cleansing, and clearing those old energy patterns – often represented in dysfunctional family or relationship patterns which do not serve our best needs and personal/spiritual growth.

I am your clairvoyant guide for transmuting, processing, and moving through these old, worn-out energy patterns. Consider what I can do in one or a few sessions of removing blockages which will have a constricting, repressive effect in our lives. What is it worth to you to move forward and embrace personal and spiritual growth? At $2 per minute, you will pay a small price and walk away feeling brand new, clarified, and ready to face your future self and place in the ascending cosmos.

Please contact me immediately at or by phone or Skype and I will enter you to win a weekly, 5-minute free psychic reading, as well as get to work right away for you, of course, in a completely discreet, private chat wherein I will help you tackle all of your life challenges!