There are many environmental health hazards out there today, globally, and it seems like they are only increasing daily. From cell phone towers and wireless (electrosmog), to chemtrail (aerosol) spraying, methane leaks and earthquakes from fracking,  and a host of other ecological health hazards and sources of pollution, there is a lot being dumped on our plates from which we need to remedy ourselves.  Do you know how unhealthful the air in most places is to breathe now, what with the chemtrail aerosol spraying happening globally? Do you know how pernicious to human health those super-convenient cell phone (wireless) towers are, and what the RF/EMF signal does to the human body? Perhaps you are aware of how bad it is, but what are you doing to protect yourself from the boiling pot that’s slow-cooking the frogs?

Health Hazard Wake-Up Call to All

I get many inquiries from people who are suffering what I call “RF sickness” or “wireless sensitivity”. They tell me they have constant headaches and flu-like symptoms, are fatigued or agitated, and suffer panic-attack symptoms. Folks, this is a global epidemic! I have worked with people in Europe, Australia, the US and Canada to help free them from this tyrannical and ubiquitous threat to not just human health – but ecological health, too! Naval sonar testing and activity is literally killing whales. The HAARP and GWEN tower network is literally frying you, but there is help for this modern plague. There is clothing you can wear, shielding apparatus to put on iPads, cell phones, modems, etc., and also other things you as an individual concerned about preserving your health can do, such as breathing and meditation work, mantras, detoxifying your body and getting off of bad food and pharmaceuticals.

Remember, there is hope out there – all is not lost. I understand you may feel like, “What is happening to me? I feel like I am dying.” I can and do routinely heal people from this malady of RF/wireless sickness, and advise also regarding chemtrails/aerosol spraying, and how also to remediate yourself from Fukushima radiation and other health hazards – and I cost much less than an ER visit and doctor care will run you (they will tell you nothing is wrong with you, bill you and send you home), minus the quackademic approach, though.