With me, Sonic Nova, you can have any issue in your life addressed by my psychic healing talent and subsequently healed, including any physical ailment.  Along with all the love and relationship and career and finance readings I do, I can remotely view any physical – and psychological – issue or malady you may have, and can neutralize it in a very short time-frame. Usually I can get rid of any ailment you may have within a few sessions. If it is cancer or a chronic or major illness (not Lyme Disease, unfortunately), I can usually alleviate it within several one-hour sessions. Compare that to the costs involved with treating diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, etc., and you will find that I am the biggest bargain out there for an alternative cure. And it can all happen remotely, via my amazing psychic healing and remote viewing powers!

Your Alternative Cure is Affordable Psychic Healing

Think about it – at $2.00/minute and within several one-hour sessions ($120 ea.) you can be cleared of everything from gout to cancer to depression and anxiety via my alternative cure. The average cancer patient will spend $50,000 on allopathic physician care. Who knows what those suffering chronic illnesses such as depression spend in a lifetime on doctors and pharmaceutical meds? Heart patients will also shell out many thousands of dollars for expensive, invasive treatments that I have cured for people for around $1,000 to $1,500 or so.

So, stop spending your life savings on allopathic, traditional western medicine and come see me, Sonic Nova, for your psychic healing and alternative cure and regain your vitality and enjoyment of life again! I have many satisfied clients who will attest that I have done exactly this for them. And if you need a spell removed, or a home cleared of a poltergeist or entity? Same low rate. Basically, any issue you can possibly have in life, I can address and likely clear you of. Even if you just have the blahs and need to be reinvigorated, I can remotely put energies into you that will kick-start your chi or kundalini or life force, and get you back in the game of life with a smile on your face!

I will even provide you a free consultation, so – What are you waiting for? Are you ready for joy and health and vitality, as opposed to feeling down, depleted, and glum? Are you ready to be well and healthy where you were used to being sick all the time? Then I, Sonic Nova, am your alternative cure specialist and psychic healing “guru” and I await your call!