Get an upgrade of your body, mind, and spirit with a 12-strand DNA activation with Ascension Consultant Sonic Nova today! This will aid you in coming into your light body, which will allow you to vibrate at higher frequencies, thus allowing you to better experience this “living ascension” we on Earth are experiencing at this time. It truly is an exhilarating time to be alive on Earth, as we are now officially vibrating at 33 Hz – which is over the amount necessary to achieve 5D (Fifth Dimensional) frequency! We have truly stepped into the Age of Light, and are on our way as a species and planet!

How to Get a DNA Activation

Just click on the link to Sonic Nova’s online psychic healing services page and request a DNA activation. If Sonic isn’t online, then just leave her a message, and she will get your information and link up with you on her very next sign-in.

At no other time in history has mankind needed to step up to the evolutionary plate and integrate the new energies which are increasing universal and planetary vibrational frequencies by tremendous leaps and bounds! Sonic Nova is a life-long clairvoyant, psychic healer, medical intuitive, remote viewer, channeler, medium, and life coach who can and will assist you in a psychic video chat session in becoming the you of 5D light body consciousness and beyond.

A 12-Strand DNA Activation Awaits You!

What are you waiting for? It’s easier than you might think to evolve into your higher self! With the help of intuitive and psychic healer Sonic Nova and a 12-strand DNA activation, you can have a much broader and more multidimensional experience of the intense energies and frequencies on Planet Earth right now.