Channelings, Podcasts, and Radio Shows, Oh My!

Get all the latest Sonic Nova channelings, podcasts, and radio shows on Spreaker and follow the Oracle of Ascension Consciousness as she leads those who desire to be fully-dimensional and in their whole, divine aspects to the light.

Her radio show broadcasts have so far included channeling the Avatar Group Consciousness, which is at this time assisting humanity through communications of a cosmically enlightening aspect designed to give us “the real news”, as opposed to the constant diet of lies and misinformation being purveyed through mainstream media. As a result, the channelings of the Avatar Group assuage and neutralize the pernicious fear-mongering which is passing for “the news” (thankfully for fewer and fewer now, since the 2012 consciousness shift).

Free Psychic Reading contest

Follow Sonic on, and also sign up to be on Sonic’s email list at, and we’ll put your name in the hat for a future 5-minute free psychic reading. We will be running this contest for the next couple of weeks, with a winner being announced by New Year’s. This will eventually be an ongoing contest, with weekly winners announced.

Also, get your psychic reading by phone or Skype, and discover the great savings of getting your Avatar package deals, which will save you money on multiple readings. Most of Sonic’s clients need or desire multiple readings in order to work out all the different aspects of their life map and destiny. One or two rarely does the trick, so book today and get in, because space is limited to first come, first served.

Sonic’s archive of psychic radio shows on Spreaker, as well as her library of videotaped workshops will give you an excellent idea of her prowess as a lifelong clairvoyant, medium, remote viewer, medical intuitive, and psychic healer. Can you really put a price on a service which can remotely heal you of any ailment or disease, find you the perfect job or career, love match, and give you ultimate clarity on your life?