If you are currently in search of that true love match or want to find your next soul mate, then call me for a relationship reading that will access your consciousness and energy field to find that elusive ONE. How does it work? You pay the requisite “Sonic Credits” a.k.a. money for whatever length of reading you want, then call or Skype me using the provided contact info on this and every page of my website, and we are in business! I will ask you for your name and D.O.B. in order to connect to your life force and auric field, and you ask me your question, a la: “Will I find my true love match this year?” or “Who or where is my soul mate, and will I meet him or her soon?” Then, I peer into my crystal ball and see the answers, with 99.9% accuracy.

Accurate Relationship Readings

Although I cannot provide the names of your potential true love match or soul mate, I see the visuals in my mind’s eye of the “future potential” scenarios, and can tell you, for instance, that “You will meet him at your place of work,” or “You will see her at a company function next fall”. It comes to me very naturally (except the names part), and what I actually read is the attenuation of your biophotonic field and life force, so–if you are on a certain path, you will meet a certain type of person. Generally, the healthier and more you are on your highest life path, the better chance of your meeting THE ONE. I can also help you with the other related life path readings, like those for career and finance, home and living situations, etc.

Check my testimonials page and see for yourself the literally hundreds of satisfied customers of mine who I did relationship readings for. I can’t count how many times a satisfied client messaged me saying, “You were so right, Sonic! I found my soul mate in exactly the time-frame you said!” Do I enjoy what I do! Absolutely! And I have such fun doing it that I must really have the best job in the world…

…I look forward to hearing from you so I can find you your true love match or soul mate today!