In the quest for spiritual enlightenment and the development of our higher selves, some people forget that, in addition to having emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental bodies, we also have a body that governs our legal and financial concerns. Call it our currency — that which promulgates or perpetuates our ability to be solvent, money-earning beings. But, money is evil, you say? No, greed is evil. Our current money system in the world is indeed broken, and driven by those who put power and control before wisdom and humanity, but we as individuals can reclaim our financial sovereignty in the face of such colossal global corruption of every aspect of human endeavor and become successful in attracting wealth and abundance into our lives.

financial sovereignty is a part of human consciousness development

Artist credit and copyright: Cameron Gray

The Importance of Financial Sovereignty

How important is taking back our financial sovereignty? It’s a major part of declaring our general, individual sovereignty and true independence. We are largely controlled through the manipulation of money and financial markets. Banks are so bloated with greed and corruption that they are imploding under their own greed. What most people don’t understand is that each living human being has more credit-issuing power than a faceless, soulless corporation. We are what gives them their credit-issuing power. Evidence of this is in the power of promissory notes. There is a current global movement on right now to revive the use of promissory notes as a way for all of us to pay off our collective mountains of debt. Ubuntu is a movement started by Michael Tellinger, and on their website is a way that tells you exactly how you can use promissory notes to pay off any government or bank debt.

How Important is Financial Freedom to Human Consciousness and Development?

Some would argue that it’s indispensable to our evolution. But, this choir is in an extreme minority, sadly. Unfortunately, we have been programmed to believe that money equals wealth (wrong), and that somehow we are all dirtying our hands with it, and that it is sinful or a “necessary evil.” I’ve said this before, but I will repeat it again: money is NOT wealth, and it is the LOVE of money and the greediness and crimes committed in acquiring this tool of exchange that’s evil. The people “at the top” controlling the evil banking system are corrupted and wayward, not you and me, “the little people”. Quit the religious habit of believing we all need to be washed of the sins of money because a few evil banksters have sullied our beliefs about a necessary tool for our survival and betterment (money gives you more choices, more means, and more ways to better yourself and your living situation).

Our financial sovereignty, then, is part and parcel of wealth and abundance, which we can call in through deliberate intent and visualization. There is no shame or guilt needed in this, just a taking the reins of your own life over from those who use and abuse you as a tax ID number or surrogate signatory power in order to fuel their own lust and greed for money and power. You can indeed separate all that odious business out from declaring your own freedom and sovereignty and summoning great mother-lodes of abundance; great fountains of providence that will heal the wounds of lack in our collective and individual human consciousness, and restore you to your rightful place on Planet Earth as a master of wealth!

Financial Sovereignty Definition

What is financial sovereignty, aka financial solvency? It can include investing in things like Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies;  it can mean reclaiming back monies owed to you by various agencies and institutions you weren’t aware of; and, it can mean engaging in human consciousness “activators” like geomancy or neuro-linguistic programming that help establish expeditious pathways to attracting wealth and abundance. You can define it by many signposts to wealth-oriented freedom, but the ultimate end result will be that you will be far more adept at generated and managing wealth in all its forms.

The the truth about human consciousness is that the conscious mind is merely the “tip of the iceberg” relative to what we can know, and subsequently, how empowered we are. Once we have knowledge and mastery over all levels of human consciousness (including the subconscious and subliminal archetypes of our psychology — see: Carl Jung: Man and His Symbols), we will then be better able to attain any goal we set for ourselves, including how to attract wealth and good fortune. Using feng shui wealth symbols is also a good fulcrum for how to attract money using mind power.

The Many Levels of Sovereignty

Of course, the financial level is just one tier of personal sovereignty, as important as it is. It’s best to integrate all levels of master sovereignty, including legal, medical, educational, informational, creative, spiritual, existential, emotional, and even food and nutritional sovereignty. You are your own person — individual, that is (person being the government definition of a “mask,” or “corporation”). You are your own master, in command of your body, mind, and destiny at every turn of the road. Never let white-coat quacks or academic pedants tell you who or what you are, or need. Only you know the secret song in your heart that needs to be sung, and only you know how to sing it.

Attracting wealth and abundance and establishing financial sovereignty (some would call it wealth-independence) can be as easy as learning to re-train your brain and mindfulness — something I can help you do in just a few short life coaching sessions. If our individual and collective human consciousness is ever to heal the great, gaping wound that happened where, somewhere along the line, we fell away from self-mastery, then it has to happen one of us at a time until the collective consciousness adopts financial mastery and freedom as the global norm.