We just came out of a penumbral lunar eclipse on August 18, 2016 in the sign of Aquarius. This eclipse followed the full moon eclipse August 2nd, and was an “almost” lunar eclipse, the penumbral part meaning that the Earth’s shadow just missed the moon. The August 18 penumbral eclipse is being called the “Finger of God” by Dark Star Astrology, that finger pointing to a quincunx Jupiter, creating a “Yod,” or thorn in the side of change spurring us on to better and greater things as we push our personal limitations. It also highlights a need to alter our perceptions, expand our consciousness as well as our sense of humanity as a whole. This is a time pushing us to think about the kind of future we all collectively wish to create.

Follow this tide of great changes with September’s two powerful eclipses on September 1 and 15, 2016. The September 1st eclipse is an annular solar eclipse in Virgo which will highlight our sense of holistic health. The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces occurs on September 16th and asks us to heal any and all issues that are in need of it. This time-frame denotes an advantageous time to pull back and evaluate our choices and accomplishments during the year. Mercury turning retrograde on September 30th feeds this energy of slower-paced self-evaluation with clear communication (preferably) accompanying such downtime.

I, Sonic Nova, can help you weather and interpret these astrological and internal changes with a comprehensive Life Reading that takes into account your own personal star and personality signs. I will put my seer’s skills to work and help you free yourself or overcome obstacles to clear thinking, living, and seeing. Keep looking up, and give me your comments on the upcoming solar and lunar eclipses in September 2016!