Many millions on Planet Earth are still confused and stymied by the conundrum of love, sex, and sexual identity because they have failed to integrate the divine masculine and feminine within themselves. the wise adage, “The answer is within” works on so many levels — not the least of which are the levels of love and sex.

A great number of people are still operating in the old paradigm types of thinking and belief systems regarding love and sex, with great imbalances on both sides in the current human “theater of operations”. “Know Thyself” said the ancients, and it was written as the Riddle of the Sphinx and also associated with the Greek Oracle of Delphi. But, how close are we as a species to attaining a level of divine, higher-dimensional knowledge regarding ourselves? The wisest amongst us know that they have both a man (animus) and a woman (anima) inside their psyches and personas, as taught by Carl Jung, and that by integrating them, we become our own, fully-functioning, wholly and cosmically aware individual.

Gaining Wisdom on Divine Masculine and Feminine Integration

To borrow some wisdom on this matter from

The Divine Masculine and Feminine energies reside within YOU, and in every member of your human collective. However, unless they are integrated back into Wholeness, You will be unable to expand beyond the limitations that splitting them in two has imposed on You.

It is the division of your own Wholeness within that You see reflected around You as divisiveness in your human family.
And let us be clear.  The splitting of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies was the very seeding of separation, and is NOW the root that sustains it.
The eye of the needle is WITHIN YOU, Beloved!

How would it be possible to be a Light of Unity Consciousness from an instrument that emits frequencies of separation?
Integrate, then, and expand yourSelf  Whole again!
Integrate on behalf of the all of You, for all of You are ONE.

Remember your Glory!

This process of masculine and feminine integration that is the very reason why we are here and not “loftier than we are.” It is “down to earth,” where WE are. Christ Consciousness speaks to us every single day, through parables the universe provides for us. In other words, the lessons of our divinity are delivered in the mundane… because the “mundane” is easy to understand, and is also divine.

Those of you who are asking, “Am i divine masculine or feminine?” are missing the boat (of Isis). One can hold both divine feminine traits and divine masculine qualities within the same body and being! So, you can access and cultivate divine feminine energy as a male being, and vice versa. You can have a divine masculine awakening as a woman. But, this age is rooted in a divine feminine awakening and “return to the Mother” on a planetary scale. But, again — there is no separation or isolation. The ALL is contained within The ALL goes the Hermetic maxim. The planet reawakens our divine feminine qualities with divine masculine qualities to do so — a kind of Moebius strip, yin-yang effect that’s ever united, polarized, and self-energized!

Divine Love and Sex Magic

But, so many are still woefully ignorant on the subject of integrating the divine masculine and feminine. And, for good reason: the “holy” church has expended much energy in withholding such information from its “flock,” dear ones. But, the information is there. And, knowledge is power, of course. That is why the ones “at the top” seek to obfuscate these great truths, like the holy union of our divine aspects of self — so we have to go running to them and, in effect, pay them a tithe to have the “privilege”. Well, I , Sonic Nova am here to tell you that unifying your divine masculine and feminine into a complete whole in order to obviate the need to go looking for validation in some “other half” out there is a divine birthright, NOT a privilege.

Pete Townshend of the band The Who once said, “I have a woman inside me,” and he was right! And every woman has a man inside of her already — no need to go looking outside of herself for masculine confirmation of who she is. If we could all do this — integrate our divine, holy, immaculate sexual identities into one rounded whole, we wouldn’t be stuck in this pestilent “battle of the sexes,” and we could stop this degrading and degraded cycle of “he loves me, he loves me not” madness that has helped to almost fully destroy the prospect of sacred, Tantric love and sex magic that is there as a born gift for us all.