My Credentials in chronological order- Sonic Nova, a.k.a. Sonia Novick


• Silva Mind Control Institute, Graduate (Mexico City, Mexico) (1971).
• Bachelor of Arts, Paris Academy of Art (Paris, France) (1979).
• Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification – Anthony Robbins Institute (1997).
• Core Quantum Method Healing Energetics Certification (2003).
• Managing Dir. of and OBELLC (2007).
• Ordained Minister and Dir of AVATAR GROUP UNIVERSE~CITY SOCIETY Ministry (2009).
• Managing Dir. Living Sea Organics LLC, a health supplement company (2012).
• Academy Of Remote Viewing & Influencing Reality, Graduate Certified RV-RI (2013).
• Globally Certified Life Coach – Level – Expert– by Expert Rating (2016)
• Director and Producer of “Surfing the Cosmic Waves,” a live and interactive internet radio show where we explore our multidimensional, true and Divine Nature!
• Author (signed copies available) at the STORE and on, ©“WE ALL GO TO HEAVEN When We Stop Creating Our Own Hells”