Our pets are more than just “pets”. They are our animal children, and for some of us, our dearest loved ones. I understand this implicitly, as I, too, am a devoted animal lover and mommy, and do anything to ensure their survival and existence. Being a proven alternative pet healer, pet psychic, and pet communicator is one of my proudest accolades, not because I feel animals are worth more time and effort than humans, but because there are so many of them who are lost, forgotten, forsaken, mistreated, etc., and I try to apply my powers in this area to the utmost because of that.

I find lost cats, dogs, and other animals

Alternative Healing for Pets

Not that I don’t value the great profession of veterinarians — they have their place in treating certain maladies and diseases of animals — it’s just that for those who want to take a completely non-medical route (read: non-pharmaceutical i.e. no shots, vaccines, etc.) then, people such as I step into the fold and fulfill that need. More and more people are doing for their pets what they themselves are doing in walking away from mainstream medicine, and therefore they need qualified professionals like myself who can:

  • Track and locate lost animals and pets
  • Communicate as a medium with the spirits of deceased or lost pets
  • Remotely or in-person treat animals and pets with energetic healing and homeopathy

As I say in the title of this post, as an alternative pet healer, I also work fast, which is important when time is of the essence. This can be either in a situation where your pet has escaped and is lost, wandering the streets, or when they are suffering illness or disease. A situation where expedience wouldn’t necessarily apply is when I work as a pet medium who can connect with the spirits of deceased animals or pets.

I find lost pets and animals of all types

I can heal or find lost pets and animals of all types.

I Can Help with Any Kind of Pet or Animal

It doesn’t matter what kind of pet or animal you need a pet healer for: dog, cat, horse, rabbit, monkey, snake…I can help you locate them or heal them of illness. I bring my clairvoyant skills as pet psychic to the table by being able to home-in on your pet, if lost, kidnapped, or otherwise. I have helped many pet owners and those who own animals in a more professional capacity to locate, heal, and cure pets and animals of disease that they take care of. I can do the same for you.

You can count on me to help “locate lost dog” or “find a lost cat,” or horse, zoo animal, or any other kind of animal you need to locate. I can heal animals of diseases such as:

  • Kidney failure
  • Heart problems
  • Eye trouble
  • Parasites and worms
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • And more!

Animals can suffer most of the same diseases we suffer from. As our beloved companions, they can manifest disease or illness due to a number of things. Sometimes they can reflect certain things to us, either as warnings of what we ourselves can manifest, or as a chance to be their hero and savior. Pet care with a veterinarian can be quite expensive, and some pet owners give up if their pet is too old and too sick. With a good pet healer like me, they don’t have to go broke healing their pet, nor give up on them because they are “too old”.

Natural Remedies for Pets That Work

Looking for a miracle cure for dog cancer? Need homeopathic pet care or holistic medicine for animals? Natural remedies for pets that are affordable and really work?

Look no further than Sonic Nova. I can help you find lost pets and animals, and I’ll do it fast.

My natural remedies include a host of alternative therapy for pets including homeopathy and natural cures which I can transmit remotely to the animal or use (or ship to you to use) on your pet. These tend to be plant-based, or mineral, or probiotic in nature.

Pet psychics and pet communicators can also be great pet healers!

The Best Pet Communicators Are Ones Who Earn Your Trust

Who are the best animal communicators? In my opinion, they are the ones who, as a pet psychic medium or pet communicator really earn your trust. And, they’ll do it in a relative short time-frame, as they provide details that only you or those close to your pet would know. That’s what I do — all I need is something to help me key-in on your pet’s energy “signature”. You see, a pet psychic is like a well-trained bloodhound: we need something, a clue, a piece of the animal’s life, routine, characteristics, and we can follow the trail from there.

You may think that animal communicators for lost pets or mediums for deceased pets have to be expensive, but with Sonic Nova, neither your time nor money will be wasted. I get to the bottom of the situation without dilly-dallying. For me, it’s about respect for my fellow animal and pet lovers. That, and I have integrity and good ethics. Any thing less is just a bad way to be — karmically, and business-wise.

Sonic Nova is the Best Choice for Pet Psychic, Alternative Pet Healer

As a proven alternative pet healer, pet psychic, and pet communicator, I feel animals are worth every effort to recover or heal. Too many of them are lost, forgotten, forsaken, mistreated, or abused, and so I apply my powers in this area to my utmost abilities because of that. Our animal brothers, sisters, and children are worth at least that.