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Come Listen to “AVATAR GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS CHANNELED” by SonicNova your host via @ YouTubeSurfing the Cosmic Waves” Live Cast YouTube show that inspires and amazes…”

Surfing the Cosmic Waves Radio Show for an hour to an hour and a half Show happens every Saturday at 6:00 pm Pacific 7:00 pm Mountain 8:00 pm Central & 9:00 pm Eastern!

Interested in joining us every week for free to listen and participate:

Appearances by an assortment of in the flesh intuitive masters in training “Insending” what is this word Sonic has coined ask SonicNova on the show!

In our shows we will cover the following topics:

  • Quantum Field Container Meditation Events where all your desired possibilities will become manifest if you practice every day with us by downloading the audio or video and doing your meditation practice everyday consistency is the key to your freedom!
  • Achieve body, mind, heart coherence so you can manifest your desired outcomes
  • Free intuitive guidance readings from time to time
  • Spiritual Coaching – Past Live Akashic Records review and mini readings
  • Conversations about “The J-Seals (Jehovian Seals)” getting them removed from your DNA 
  • Conversations about activating your 12 DNA Strands and beyond why this is so important in these changing times
  • Conversations about Soul/Spirit Retrieval, Long Distance Healing, Shamanic Extraction Healing, & Power Animal Retrieval why is this also so important in this time frame
  • Offer support tools for your spiritual evolution
  • Conversations about Becoming Supernatural or superhuman
  • Soul Infusion reconnecting to your infinite self is all that Experiential Body-Centered meditations are about

Sonic will share with everyone what is going on with our planet and this part of this universe and what to expect in terms of times of singularity

Also includes guest appearances by:

  • Avatar Group Consciousness,
  • Ascended Masters,
  • Archangels,
  • Celestial Beings,
  • Star Seed Families from Arcturus, Pleiades, Andromeda’s, Serious, etc
  • Channeled by SonicNova and or other guests she invited on her show.

This is where you can type chat your questions please follow institutions:
1. Once you sign in YouTube
2.  Now go down to the right of the screen you will see the Chat window: Surfing The Cosmic Waves”
3. You want to enter your questions,
4. see the chat bubble at the bottom click on it to post your questions,
5. Once you click on the bubble under the chat window, it will ask you to “Start Chatting”
6. Now you will need to add yourself to YouTube or log in to your google account In order to participate
7. You will need to create a Google account
8. You may want to do this ahead of the shows,
9. Become a member first,
10. Once you set up your Google profile you can become a follower by clicking on the subscribe and if you want to be updated click on the bell next to the subscribe button of our show by clicking on this page: “Surfing The Cosmic Waves
11. In order to be able to type chat on the radio show when it airs once you sign in you will immediately be able to type chat your burning questions into the show and get your answers, as well as getting weekly updates about you Surfing The Cosmic Waves Live Cast where we Explore Our Multidimensional True and Divine Nature!
I will be honored to answer some of your burning questions for free on this Surfing The Cosmic WavesLive Cast invite all your friends that would be interested in participating in our show as well!!!
See ya every Saturday from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm PST

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Angel chats with guest Sonic Nova. Lifestyle Coach, Energetic Healer, and Medical Intuitive

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