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I wanted to share an excerpt from a transmission I recently channeled from the Avatar Consciousness Group, and expound upon the meaning of it for we who are doing the “great works” as lightworkers, starseeds, and wayshowers – and those who in training as such. This will give you a taste of what our star family elders and guides are saying in this current time frame. Please keep in mind that I can clarify the information contained in the message, and help you assimilate it in your own lives and specific situations in a private psychic reading.

From the Avatar Group, Dec. 2014:

Greetings, dear ones. We are the Avatar Group Consciousness, coming to you from a place in the Universe that is very far away, and in a very high dimensional place. We do not require labels to define us: we are, by definition, everything which is inclusive. If we could describe to you the place we come from, it would be the unfoldment of Creation itself. We are here today to bring you some joy, and also to impart information regarding your Earth changes, and also physiological changes, and other challenges at this time. Now, before we get into our dissertation about what is happening to you and your planet, we want to thank once again our “Little One,” as we call her – she who is not little at all, but indeed quite vast. We hope you can feel our frequency in these transmissions, and also how at this time the wheat is truly being divided from the chaff in your realm. There are several things we wish to share with you; one is the concern many of you have regarding the Earth changes, which include drastic weather changes and the poisoning of your planet, such as the North Pole melting. The ones in charge have allowed this to happen, because they, too, are out of balance, and in a state of chaos. But, you are not looking at the South Pole and the Antarctic ice shelf and how it is actually increasing. There is a reason for this in the grander scheme of things.

We honor and are grateful to all of you starseeds for being the warriors that you are and being the ground troops for the celestial beings such as ourselves, who are transmitting from afar. Many of you are very concerned for having a future, and rightly connect that with the state of the planet. We salute you who were willing to take this plunge into Earth existence. Your oceans are heating up, and your lands crack and open up. At the North Pole, methane gas is being emitted in great quantities through the warming Arctic waters. There has been talk of the violet rain which will come and purify the planet, and let us tell you that these two things are connected. We expressed before and express it again now that the time of purification by the violet flame/rain is fast approaching. Know then, that anything without a pure heart, a compassionate heart, and which does not adhere to and follow the ecology and respect life will be washed away by this rain.

We do not measure time as you do on your planet. We cannot look at a calendar or clock and say, “It will happen” on such and such date. By our reckoning, it is more of a trajectory that your planet and its inhabitants are aligned to. Consider that methane, when lit becomes violet in color. This is why this is happening at the North Pole. The methane will be lit by lightning, which will turn the methane to the violet rain which will purify Mother Earth, and rid of her of anything which is causing imbalance, or which is distorted energy. Your “power grabbers” know very well about this time frame, and that this purification is set to occur, and are planning to “exit stage left”, but only after they complete their program of destruction. Let us tell you that this will not be allowed to occur, dear ones. They are playing this out like this because they themselves were left behind by the “blue bloods,” who are sometimes referred to as reptoids, or Draconians, and who had forsaken them long ago. But instead of their diabolical plans to leave behind 99.99% of the world’s population to deal with the consequences of their actions coming true, it is the time to weed out destructive patterns that oppress the many in favor of the few. To all of you power elites who think that you will suck the life out of this planet and escape on your ships, we say you will probably want to get on your “cigar” ships and leave Earth quite soon. You will not be able to escape your karma this time, as the violet rain is on its way and will not spare those who do not resonate with love. These ones who have ruined the ecosystem have sped up the process of devastation, and so what would have happened within 200 years will now happen within 20 to 50 years.

This purification event will end up being a blessing for you all, it should be known. Your Bible mentions that “the meek shall inherit the Earth,” which was referring to this very occurrence.

Many of you are asking, “Why has this been allowed to happen on our planet?” This has been played out to show you that ultimately a very, very few who are in supposed “control” (say around 100,000 or so) cannot overlord and oppress the 6 and some billion others who make up the balance of Earth’s population. This scenario will help sharpen your tools and realize your higher self’s true possibilities. The ice is melting and the ecosystem is collapsing to illustrate the fragility of Earth to you all – including those evil ones who are exploiting her for their own financial gain, with no thought but for themselves. It is in part to show them their karma, and that they cannot pillage and exploit forever. Those who are out of accord with Nature and Mother Earth will become ash whence the violet rain begins to fall – and fall it will. Even those who have enabled these ones, followed their orders and worked as their lackeys will also perish, turning to ash. These beings have been allowed to run amok upon your planet also in part to usher in the fifth incarnation of your planet Earth, which is a great and glorious thing. After the fall of the power-grabbers, any of you who have not purified your bodies, hearts, and minds will be turned to ash. This also includes the peons left behind by the cabal as a kind of garrison, to prevent any of us going after them. You all have a physical body that is of Mother Earth, and as such are analogous to her, and what she is going through. You are feeling her aches and pain; her quakes, her fire, her tides. Her concerns inherently are also yours.

End message excerpt.

So, dear ones, it is important for you also to know that it is not time to panic. It is time to go into your sacred heart’s love center and feel the innocence, gratitude, and full life-granting powers of Source, which you are a fountain of. There is no need for sorrow, guilt, fear, or any negative emotions at this time, just an unplugging from the media matrix, and a going within to discover truth. Plug into the Universe and the quantum field, which is the greatest internet or news service there is! Bring yourself to your full powers by connecting to Divine Source, and I promise you your life will begin to heal from any adversity you may be experiencing.

I am Sonic Nova, in love and service to you all, and am here to help you make sense of any questions you may have as a clairvoyant life coach, including those regarding love and relationships, job and finances, soul retrieval, the ascension process, past life reading, entity and curse removal, utilizing my powers of ESP, channeling, remote viewing, and much more!