How would you be interested in having a human MRI scanner peer into your body and discern what’s wrong with you? And, how would you like it if that human MRI only cost you a tiny fraction of what a hospital MRI scan would cost you? I, Sonic Nova, know there are many of you who may read this and think, “She can’t possibly be right or telling the truth. There’s no such thing as a human MRI.” Well, I am here to tell you THERE IS…and you can have her for the cost of a 10 or 15-minute reading! That’s right, the equivalent of $20 to $30 dollars, and you can know what is wrong inside of you. And it’s not just a mere visual that’s presented to you–it’s a full diagnostic presentation, along with prognosis and holistic treatment alternatives given as well.

I Am a Human MRI Scanner

Do you think this sounds like B.S.? Probably, but nevertheless, I, Sonic Nova, act as a human MRI scanner when I connect to your auric and biophotonic field and remotely view your entire body. I can do this from thousands of miles away, too, as a fully-fledged remote viewer, remote influencer, and clairvoyant seer. This is just one area of what I do, but it has helped people beat major diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and all kinds of other acute, chronic and degenerative illnesses.

Forget Costly Hospital MRI Scans

Isn’t your health and well-being worth just a 10 or 20-minute reading to see what’s wrong with you and how to treat it naturally? I would think so. Sane, rational, well-adjusted people who are interested in keeping well and fit and happy would think so, too. There are many who may be sane and rational, but who may be “cash-strapped,” and so factor out spending on a health and wellness reading with me. They (you) may not even know I exist. Well, if you stumbled upon this link and are now reading this–you do know I exist. I am here, waiting for your call. I know you could well use a human MRI scan to help you see what’s wrong with you–and how best to cure it!